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What We Do?

Fx Pips Guru is a team of Forex traders who have a prominent level of Forex trading expertise for the last 10 years. So, are you looking for the best forex fund manager for your mt4 trading accounts? Our professional forex traders’ team is waiting to provide you with the best forex fund management service. 

Deposit In Your Broker's mt4

Trading Properties

1. No grid 

2. No martingale 

3. Low drawdown 

4. Sustainable average monthly gain 

Minimum Deposit

$2000 (monthly profit share 45%) 

$3000 (monthly profit share 40%) 

$4000 (monthly profit share 35%) 

$5000 (monthly profit share 30%) 

$10000 (monthly profit share 25%) 

$20000+ (monthly profit share 20%) 

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How To Do

Broker Choosing : Broker choosing is totally up to you. But highly regulated true ECN brokers will get high priority. 

How to Start : After depositing money in your broker’s mt4 account, you’ll just give us your mt4 account’s login id, server and master password. Then we’ll start trading.  

Money Withdrawal & Profit Share

You can withdraw your profit monthly. We won’t demand any money from you in advance since we’ll make profit for you first.  


Forex trading is a business not a gambling. We always try to keep our drawdown less. And, our trading systems aren't grid/martingale based. So, we don't offer unrealistic monthly gain like other fund managers!

Client's account protection is the first priority for us, making profit is the next goal. Therefore, proper risk management is the crucial thing at our end while executing trades.

Broker choosing is totally up to our clients. But highly regulated true ECN brokers will get high priority. 

We require zero/raw spread/ECN account types from your brokers. We expect swap free accounts from the Muslim clients.  

$2000 (monthly profit share 45%)

$3000 (monthly profit share 40%)

$4000 (monthly profit share 35%)

$5000 (monthly profit share 30%)

$10000 (monthly profit share 25%)

$20000+ (monthly profit share 20%)

Just visit, https://www.fxpipsguru.com/register/ . Or, simply contact us through Live Chat

You'll only give us your mt4 account's id, server and master password. You won't share your brokerage account's login email and password. So, withdrawing money is completely impossible for us. Moreover, your broker will never allow 3rd party withdrawal.

We do both manual and algo trading for our clients.

No, our trading systems aren't grid/martingale based. Because grid/martingale systems will increase the drawdown randomly and will blow your account at the end.

Yes, we are also available through few PAMM forex brokers. Live Chat with us to know more in detail.

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