Dealing Desk vs No Dealing Desk Forex Brokers

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What kind of broker should I go with: Dealing vs No Dealing Desk?

It’s all up to you! There is no such thing as a great broker because it all depends on the kind of trader you are.

It’s entirely up to you if you’d prefer tighter spreads but a fee per deal or broader spreads but no commissions.

Day traders and scalpers typically favor tighter spreads because it’s cheaper to take small gains because the market has to cover less ground to cover transaction costs.

Wider spreads, on the other hand, are typically meaningless to longer-term swing or position traders.

Dealing vs No Dealing Desk?

To make your decision-making easier, here’s a summary of the major differences between Market Makers, STP brokers, and STP+ECN brokers:

Dealing Desk (Market Maker)No Dealing Desk (STP)No Dealing Desk (STP+ECN)
Fixed SpreadsMost have variable spreadsVariable spreads or commission fees
Take the opposite side of your tradeSimply a bridge between client and liquidity providerA bridge between client and liquidity provider and other participants
Artificial quotesPrices come from liquidity providersPrices come from liquidity providers and other ECN participants
Orders are filled by the broker on a discretionary basisAutomatic execution, no re-quotesAutomatic, no re-quotes

Brokers are not evil… Well most of them aren’t!

Contrary to common opinion, forex traders are not out to extort money from you in the forex exchange market. You should choose wisely Dealing vs No Dealing Desk!

They don’t want to put you out of business; they want to do business with you! Consider this: if you lose all of your money tradings, they will lose customers as well.

Dealing with desk brokers’ ideal customer is one who is more or less successful. In other words, a client who does not win or lose at the end of the game.

In this way, the broker profits from the client’s transactions while the client remains in the game by not blowing his account. Brokers basically want their buyers to keep coming back for more (trading)!

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