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What We Do?

Fx Pips Guru is a team of Forex traders who have a prominent level of Forex trading expertise for the last 10 years. So are you looking for the best forex fund manager for your mt4 trading accounts? Our professional forex traders’ team is waiting to provide you the best managed forex accounts service. 


Let’s check our portfolio from Myfxbook. Here you’ll know about our trading history, open trades, total gain, monthly gain, drawdown and many more in detail. 


Deposit In Your Broker's MT4

Plan A

Deposit : $5000 

Drawdown : Maximum 30%

Monthly Profit : Average 10% 

Pair : AUD/USD 

Profit Withdrawal : Weekly 

Plan B

Deposit : $10000

Drawdown : Maximum 30%

Monthly Profit : Average 10%


Profit Withdrawal : Weekly 

Plan C

Deposit : $5000 

Drawdown : Maximum 60%

Monthly Profit : Average 20%


Profit Withdrawal : Weekly 

forex fund manager mt4

How To Do

  • Broker Choosing : Broker choosing is totally up to you. But FCA, ASICNFA regulated brokers will get high priority. 
  • How to Start : After depositing money in your broker’s mt4 account, you’ll just give us your server, login ID & master password. Then we’ll start trading. It’s as simple as 1,2,3 !!!  

Money Withdrawal & Profit Sharing

You can withdraw your profit weekly. Besides you can transfer internally your profit from your one mt4 account to another mt4 account weekly.

You have to share only 20% of your profit with us monthly. Here 3% of your profit will be spent monthly for charity & orphans

forex fund manager

Let's Try With Demo!!

You can try Fx Pips Guru’s service in your broker’s mt4 demo account for 1 week which is completely free of cost !! It will help you to evaluate us. Again it will help us to ensure that your broker’s mt4 trading platform is suitable for our trading strategies. Let’s discuss through live chat or contact form below.   

Contact Us

    So, Don’t Be Late. Just Contact Us Through Live Chat or Contact Form. 

    Testimonial ❤️

    Debbie Georgiou

    “Low drawdown, high reliability. Trade holding time is also less. I can invest high volume with Fx Pips Guru without any pressure!!”