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Forex Fund Managers: The Best Forex Fund Managers in 2023

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In 2023, are you looking for the best forex fund managers?

Here we are! We will discuss the best forex fund managers with their details. 

Managed Forex Accounts are normally managed by professional traders who have very good expertise to use market opportunities and multiply their gains. And for this whole process forex fund managers are very important.  The forex fund managers let you handle your forex account indirectly yet effectively with a higher profit.

Now we will discuss the best 9 forex fund managers. So let’s start…

1. Fx Pips Guru

Fx Pips Guru is a team of Forex traders who have the prominent level of Forex trading expertise for the last 10 years. Here few members are working on different Forex trading methods which will be really profitable for your trading career. These dedicated Forex traders are trying hard and soul for you to maximize your profit. Therefore, you can hire their Forex fund managers without any hesitation. You have to share only 20% of your profit monthly with them !! And you can withdraw your profit weekly from your broker’s mt4 account which they will manage.

2. Atomiq Consulting

Atomiq Consulting was formed in 2014 by a team of forex industry veterans. Their combined experience in the FX & CFD space exceeds 30 years and as they grow, this number only increases. They come from a diverse background of specialties which includes sales, technology, and marketing as just a few examples. Due to the global nature of their partnerships and network, they offer their clients a unique perspective on the forex & CFD trading industry that few consulting firms can compete with.

3. ForexByPros 

ForexByPros is an asset management company, offering Forex managed accounts (MAM). They are a professional team of financial and trading experts, with years of experience in handling market investments. ForexByPros is an industry leader in terms of service quality because of their extensive market experience and effective qualified specialist expertise. Their core competencies lay in responding to all their client’s requests with extreme speed and expertise. When combined with innovating technologies they make Forex Account Management; secure, transparent and effective!

ForexByPros offers Managed Forex Accounts for investors. Basically who are inexperienced in trading or simply prefer an experienced fund manager to handle their capital can be their clients. As an investor with ForexByPros, you will maintain control of your own account at all times and have 24/7 online access to trading information. Your account manager will have authorization to make trades on your behalf and you will only be charged a monthly performance fee based on returns.

4. TrillionFX

TrillionFX has over 15 years of experience in offering private fund management services, and more than 20 years of experience in financial quantitative analytics and trading. They are one of the global advanced proprietary electronic trading firms through the collaboration of highly motivated and intelligent HFT technology firms in the US. TrillionFX is a highly successful fund management company with a very positive reputation in the industry and strives hard to provide all its clients with the most sophisticated managed fund services. Their investment approach is driven by a combination of fundamental research, advanced market analysis, a revolutionary technology platform, and a persistent drive to excel on behalf of their investors. The trading program offers a unique opportunity to clients that understand the potential of the capital markets and expect steady and exponential returns on their investments.

Their team execute various trading strategies in equities, futures, FX, options and commodities, providing two-sided liquidity on over two hundred market centers around the world. Clients’ funds are segregated and kept in tier 1 banks monitored by a strict regulatory body. Therefore, clients can rest assured that their funds are completely safe. Principal of their HFT team is development of revolutionary technology, designed to automate market making and post-trade activities to accumulate large profits over time. TrillionFX committed to generating targeted profits with limited risks exposure. And transparency in trading is to help their clients achieve their desired return. 

5. Keon Consultancy

Keon and Anand started Forex fund management in 2010 named as Keon Consultancy. They were college mates while pursuing MBA. They added more colleagues in the team as the business progressed and traded all by themselves till 2013. Besides trading by themselves, they later started associating the best traders in the industry via several online portals & communities of Forex traders. They keep replacing traders by other better traders available in the pipeline, thus they stay consistently profitable. You don’t need to search for good traders because they already keep doing this for you. They receive trades to their master account from the best traders and then send to investors’ accounts.  They implement their risk management on each client’s account (with help of MAM and trade copiers). So your account’s risk stays always under control irrespective of the individual risk taken by any associated trader in his/her account.

6. Forex Veda

After servicing forex traders around the world for 20+ years, Forex Veda finally decided to take a retirement from the business. They do not take clients anymore. Their consultancy services are available for anyone who wishes to try his/her luck in currency trading business. Just one consultancy over the phone is free. As they always did, they caution investors about high risk involved in forex trading and trade only with their risk capital. Trade only with Brokers who are regulated in countries like Singapore, Japan, Australia, Europe or USA. 

7. EFD group

EFD group’s experts will be trading on clients behalf under the supervision of fund managers and risk managers, clients will be seeing results without doing anything. This system acts like automatic trading. They provide this facility to those clients who are willing to invest but can not trade. They do not use any automatic software or any Robot Trading Software, they trade manually for their clients. Many brokers provide Robot Trading System for this sort of trading. But EFD Group prefer manual trading with the help of daily fundamentals and technical analysis. If you are interested in Forex Fund management Services and want to apply for the same, you can acknowledge for the same after signup. You can see the progress by monitoring your trading portfolio. In case you have any doubts regarding your account and trading style, kindly contact your personal trader.     

8. Arrow Pips

Arrow Pips have developed a consistent and highly accurate forex signal delivery system that sends option alerts to their members when it is right to make a move. Their signals are comprehensive providing the most appropriate entry and exit points, and for this reason perfect for anyone interested in trading. They believe that level of proficiency in Forex trading should not matter; what is important is that their members perform profitable trades easily. They send real-time trade alerts to email, and text message notifying their members. So the members get notified when to enter or exit a trade thereby maximizing profit for any given trade. 

9. The Forex Secrets 

For getting the management service from The Forex Secrets, you have to have at least $1000 in your account. They will provide you with the profit at the end of each month. Forex Secrets will make your balance double within 4 to 6 months depending on the risks that you can take. They do not charge any amount until they make the profit. Forex Secret only charge when the final profit comes and they share 50% of the profit as the management charge. They ensure your 100% security that they can not withdraw your money from your account.

These are the best forex fund managers in 2023 that you can choose for you and can trust on them. So happy trading and let’s make some pips.